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House Spire

Olivier Spire

Olivier Spire is the Lord of Saltwood, a gorgeous palace built near the River Lilia, deep within the Great Forest. Olivier is a curious man, always excited to learn. 

Rumere Spire

Rumere Spire is the lady wife of Lord Olivier Spire. Born to House Branch of Oysterhelm, Rumere feels most at peace in Saltwood Palace.

Giselle Spire

Giselle Spire is the beautiful daughter of Lord Olivier and Lady Rumere Spire. She is kind and curious, just like her father. 

Korrion Spire

Korrion Spire is the adopted son of Lord Peyton and Lady Rumere. As a child, he was found abandoned in middle of the Great Forest, shellshocked. He has now opened up to House Spire, but he is still a quiet boy.

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