A Death at Dawn
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A feudalistic world, embedded for centuries within the continent of Mystos is falling apart. Peasant uprisings, political and religious scheming from the academia, and the highborn’s lust for power are the causes for this political downfall in Mystos. A Death at Dawn is the first book in this epic fantasy series that follows various characters, each going through their own journey during a time of civil turmoil.

A Skinchanger's Journey
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Lord Peyton Osmont, the Lord Protector of the Southern Kingdom of Valley Pines, requested the famed Ser Colvic Rames of one final duty: protect his bastard son, Hadrian. However, when the Warrior Raiders attack in the middle of the night, he finds himself captured with Hadrian nowhere in sight. In A SKINCHANGER’S JOURNEY, Colvic learns the secrets of the world as he searches for the boy he was tasked to protect. As he stares into the eyes of his captors, he wonders how he will ever be able to complete his last duty.   


The events in this novella happen simultaneously as Hadrian runs through the Great Forest in A DEATH AT DAWN in the series WHEN THE FIRES BROKE THROUGH.