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A Death at Dawn
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WHEN THE FIRES BROKE THROUGH is an epic fantasy series where uncertainty and secrets set the stage. In this world, anyone could be the enemy. CONTENT WARNING - for mature audiences: A feudalistic society embedded for centuries within the continent of Mystos is falling apart. Peasant uprisings, scheming from the Establishments, the highborn's lust for power, and other unknown sources are the reasons for the destruction. A DEATH AT DAWN is the first book in this series, following various characters, each going through their journey during civil turmoil. Gloriana plans for an outcast like herself to rule. Alice, a bedridden girl, dreams of traveling the world. Jaslyn fights for the freedom of others, even if that means giving up hers. Hadrian wishes for his loved ones and the comfort of home. Victoria doesn't know which path to take, but she continues to live despite others. Jarin longs for a fruitful kingdom, a peaceful family, and to be remembered as a good lord – but it must be before his best friend dies. Everyone wants something, and it will be a fight to get it.



In the middle of the chaos is the ruling family of the Mountain Realm, House Wayward, a peculiar family dealing with a cold war amongst themselves. However, when tragedy strikes, the members split apart and strategize for their advantage, even if that means taking each other down. This story gives the perspective of the people affected by these events. As some begin to experience adolescence, other older characters experience a taste of power, misery, deception, and insanity. Within the series, each character must make decisions that affect their lives and those around them, causing many to question if they are the true hero. A DEATH AT DAWN sets up these characters' journey throughout WHEN THE FIRES BROKE THROUGH.

A Skinchanger's Journey
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Lord Peyton Osmont, the Lord Protector of the Southern Kingdom of Valley Pines, requested the famed Ser Colvic Rames of one final duty: protect his bastard son, Hadrian. However, when the Warrior Raiders attack in the middle of the night, he finds himself captured with Hadrian nowhere in sight. In A SKINCHANGER’S JOURNEY, Colvic learns the secrets of the world as he searches for the boy he was tasked to protect. As he stares into the eyes of his captors, he wonders how he will ever be able to complete his last duty.   


The events in this novella happen simultaneously as Hadrian runs through the Great Forest in A DEATH AT DAWN in the series WHEN THE FIRES BROKE THROUGH.  

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