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Welcome to the When the Fires Broke Through Blog!

Hello everyone!

The When the Fires Broke Through (WTFBT) blog allows everyone to read additional information about the WTFBT universe for free from the source! Please check out some of the posts here and enjoy the world of When the Fires Broke Through.

The WTFBT Expanded series are profiles that dig deeper into the universe's history, covering cities, events, houses, Establishments, and characters.

The WTFBT Anthology chapters follow characters from the universe that do not have a point of view chapter in the main book series. Some chapters are in the current series timeline (after 505 SM), while others occurred before (before 505 SM). Chapters with years in the main series timeline will never be ahead of the current published books.

I want to thank you for checking out my blog. WTFBT means so much to me, and I am happy to share it with everyone! If you want more of my work, check out my ko-fi! Now, let's dig a little into the universe that is falling apart.


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